Expo planning made easy.

  • Save a lot of time
  • Keep track of all tasks
  • Free service w/o any software installation

Put an end to Excel sheet chaos!

How does ExpoEasy help me?

You are in charge at your company of organizing trade show participation and other events. You want to make sure that you keep track of all tasks and save a lot of time?!

ExpoEasy enables…

  • complete and easy management of all participants (employees, guests, booth personnel etc.) (more…)
  • complete task management of all planning tasks related to an event (incl. booth building , PR etc.) (more…)

As a result of the quick overview the service provides, the optional automation of processes as well as the optional integration of subsequent planning steps you can save up to 80% of your time.

Who is ExpoEasy for?

ExpoEasy is the right tool for any expo/event planner, regardless of whether you are planning all sorts of events at a large corporation, or whether you are in charge of marketing at a small or medium-sized company. ExpoEasy helps you to keep track of all tasks and save a lot of time.

How does ExpoEasy work?

ExpoEasy is a free, web-based service. Without having to download or install any software, you can plan with ease all of your trade shows and other events (in-house exhibition, sales trainings, product presentations etc.)